Automatically tag Shopify customers with active product subscriptions

Released June 1, 2021

With subscription tags and Simple Subscriptions you can automatically add and remove Shopify tags from customer accounts with active subscriptions. Use these tags to track subscribers throughout Shopify and to enable subscriber-only features and content on your site.

Tags are applied at the subscription group level and can be setup by following these steps:

  1. Create a new subscription group from any product page. All plans in this group will have tags associated with subscribing customers.

  2. Add tags to the tag list. Use only ordinary letters, numbers, and the hyphen (-) in your tags. Avoid accented characters and other symbols. Customer tags have a maximum length of 255 characters. Tags cannot be edited once added to a subscription group.

  3. Tags are removed 24 hours after customers' subscription payments lapse. If this is due to a payment process failure and not ending the subscription, the tag will be reapplied once payment is up to date.
For more on using tags see: Using Tags
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