Set selling price for subscription plans on Shopify

Released: August 26, 2021

Now when creating and editing subscription plans with Simple Subscriptions, you have the option of setting the price of the policy. Unlike setting a discount percentage that takes into account the original product price, setting a fixed selling price is independent of product price.

  • Create or edit a subscription plan group from the "Subscription Plans" tab in the Simple Subscriptions app. Use the "Plan pricing type" and "Selling price" fields in the selling plan section to set a selling price.
  • Select the option "Fixed selling price" for Plan pricing type from the drop down. Note: You must select this for the selling price field to be visible.
  • Fill out Selling Price field with the amount you want to sell this subscription plan for.
    Note: This is in your store's currency. No need to do any exchange rate conversion.
  • Save your changes
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