Require minimum and maximum billing cycles for product subscription plans on Shopify

Released: June 24, 2021

Setting a minimum billing cycle count prevents your customers from pausing, skipping and cancelling subscription plans until they have been billed the specified number of cycles. Setting a maximum count automatically cancels subscriptions after the specified cycle count. Subscriptions can always be paused, skipped or cancelled from Shopify Admin regardless of these settings. Configure minimum and maximum cycles using Simple Subscriptions for your product subscription plans by:

  1. Create or edit a subscription plan group from a product page. Changes associated with this plan will apply going forward only. Existing customer subscriptions will not be affected.

  2. Use the link "Add min/max cycle options" under the "Subscription plans" section to configure minimum and/or maximum cycle counts.

  3. Save your changes

Consider updating your subscription policy (Settings > Legalas well in Shopify Admin so that customers can be aware of any minimum or maximum billing cycle requirements.
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